1.  T H E  G R O U N D W O R K

Regardless if I designed your branding package or you are hiring me strictly for web design, the website questionnaire will be given to you for completion. Over this 2 week duration, you will also compile all site images and content for each page into a folder that I have previously created in Dropbox. I must stress the importance of staying consistent with our timeline at this stage. Any delays may result in your project being pushed back until an available date.

2.  T H E  D E S I G N

The creation phase of your website will take up to 3 full weeks from start to finish. I will design a unique and appealing homepage that represents your brand identity and up to 8 interior pages from the information I gathered in your questionnaire. During this time, I will communicate halfway through to give you an update of the site's status and you will have the ability to ask any questions that may have arose.






3.  T H E  A P P R O V A L

Over the course of it's creation, your site was under a password protected domain. Following completion, you will be given access for review and approval. I suggest formulating a list of particular details you would like revised or discussed. This only ensures we interact in a timely fashion to get your site launched efficiently. After a week's time, we will reconvene to assess your list and the appropriate changes will be made within 72 hours. At this time, we will set a date to hold our tutorial which I will show you how to navigate through and make updates from the back end.

4.  T H E  L A U N C H

Initially a launch date had been set and once this day rolls around, your brand new site will be live no later than 10am EST.