Checklist for “About Me” Page

If you’ve ever analyzed your website statistics, you’ll most likely realize the “About Me” page is viewed the most out of any page. Because of this, this page needs to stand out to your audience. Quick tip: before you start these steps, write "It's Not About Me" on a post-it & stick it to your monitor. It’ll help. Promise.

Step 1: Identify & Empathize

Does your page answer these questions?

  • What challenges is your audience facing?
  • How do these challenges make them feel?

Step 2: Reassure

Does your page…

Describe a future without these worries?

  • Tell your audience how you’ll get them there?
  • Show them what they’ll get?

Step 3: Introduce

Does your page…

  • Summarize everything you do in one line?

Step 4: Add some Cred

Does your page…

  • Explain (briefly) why you’re the best choice?

Step 5: Call to Action

Does your page…

  • Tell your audience what do next?
  • Give them a reason to contact you?
Shelley PrinceComment