7 Types of Instagram Grid Layouts

Each of those little squares plays a vital role in your overall Instagram feed. Having a set routine of what to post will definitely change how you view the app and make your overall experience a more pleasant one. Here are 7 interesting, creative ways to play with your own Instagram to select which is right for you!

A) Simple Style
The easiest and least time consuming requires you to post your photo, each square at a time. Choose a filter, colour scheme and editing process to ensure each image looks like it belongs to a "family."
@aleksandrazee showcases a brilliant & beautiful example of this with her warm, golden tones:

Consistent filter Instagram Grid Layout

B) "Checkerboard" or Tiles
Much like each tile on a floor, this layout works the same way by alternating posts each day. Some Instagrammers use photos one day and then an inspirational quote the next with a consistent background color. Others will alternate between two styles of photos - one day a flat lay, the next is them modelling an outfit. Whichever way you choose, this allows your followers to know what you will post next. Check out how @thefemalehustlers took advantage of the tile theme:

Checkerboard Tile Instagram Grid Layout

C) Horizontal Lines
This layout looks amazing when executed properly. The best way to play this out is to create a story in three consecutive posts. Since the majority of countries read left to right, your posts should ideally be related to each other in that order. Keep in mind, it does not have to be the same subject all the time, it could also be the same mood, same image or even same location.  @personaljournalapp does an exceptional job previewing the horizontal template:

Horizontal Instagram Grid Layout

D) Vertical Lines
This type of layout is very tactical in that it entices a viewer to keep scrolling through your feed. However, you need to be strict in what you choose to post. A common example includes the entire middle row consisting of words or quotes running vertically down the page on a white background, while the outside rows include other styles of images posted consecutively. I adore how @elskabody portrays a clean, bright feed with use of the vertical layout:

Vertical Instagram Grid Layout

E) The Puzzle
Anyone who creates this style, receives an "A+" grade in our books! Besides methodically planning out each post, you must ensure every single image maintains high quality after splitting into various parts. We don't always suggest this layout as an ongoing thing, but it works effectively if you are just beginning your Instagram account OR have a large campaign launching soon.  Otherwise, you may aggravate your audience while random "snip its" of photos pop up in their news feed. @twigyposts uses the puzzle grid in such an effective way that each photo works alone OR as a whole:

Puzzle Instagram Grid Layout

F) The Rainbow Effect
If you don’t want to stick to your brand’s core colours or you have a wide array of product colours to showcase, then you can take advantage of a rainbow feed. Basically, the main colors in the feed change as you scroll down further and further. This is by far one of the most tedious layouts and requires a lot of effort before posting. To acquire this look, use different colours in your photos after every 3, 6 or 9 images for the best effect, just as @thecheerfulchica has beautifully displayed:

Rainbow Instagram Grid Layout

G) White Boarders
I love the simplicity of this feed! Whether you choose to add a square, horizontal or vertical border to your images, make sure you keep it cohesive. This is a great method to steer away from the standard "square" photo dimensions Instagram normally makes you use.  This theme is perfect if you want your feed to appear elegant and sophisticated. Not only does it make your feed appear clean, but it can also highlight certain details in a photo. The white space can also improve a viewer’s experience by making it easier on the eyes. Here is a smart example from @auroradesign :

White Boarder Instagram Grid Layout