Steps to Adding Value for your Social Media Audience

Have you ever wondered how each of your posts could “serve” your audience? You’re not alone! I recently coined the term "The Value Strategy" that should be implemented 24/7 into your social media game. With years of experience interacting with clients and companies that feel lost in the vast sea known as social media, I have overcome endless obstacles to better understand exactly what brings great value to my client’s social media experience.


1.     SHOW BEHIND THE SCENES In an online world, people tend to lose the sense of personal touch. When you’re posting videos and images of yourself or team working on a new project or creating a product, it builds trust and shows that you are an accessible company. Ensure these captures are real and not staged as they appear more genuine.

2.      ASK FOR FEEDBACK Everyone loves seeing opinions online when it comes to product reviews. You can ask what customers think about your products or services. Ask questions that will get them thinking in order to suggest changes that will improve your product/service. An example would be: What’s one improvement you’d like to see with our line of baby tees?

3.      DON'T CONSTANTLY SELL People that spend time on social media are constantly being sold products and I’m sure you can agree that it gets old fast. Your company should stand out by not just showcasing images of your products, but also photos that will resonate with your audience. Example: you own a couples resort, so you post related photos like a couple laying on the beach or a set of palm trees. Really, anything that invokes a certain feeling or sense of excitement.


4.    PROVIDE INSPIRATIONAL INSIGHT When you understand your audience, you’ll have a clear understanding of what type of inspiration to provide. People always appreciate quotes or tidbits of information that are meaningful, or can even bring on a good laugh. Some examples would be posting motivational quotes from successful entrepreneurs if you are a Business Coach OR displaying photos of athletes if you offer protein supplements.

5.      GET PERSONAL Content does not have to always be business related. If you want to post a real life story or family photo every once in awhile, do so! Much like behind the scenes posts, this proves you are human and live like the rest of the world too.

6.      SHARE A GOOD READ Have you recently read a book that you just couldn't put down? Suggest to your audience! Just ensure you are sharing books that would be a good fit for your specific customers (ie. their professions, lifestyle, etc.) can be helpful. This conveys the idea that there are like-minded people working where they do business.

7.      INCLUDE TESTIMONIALS.  What do you normally do when seeking the reputation of a business? You read their reviews. So why not post them directly in your customer's face to take out the guess work? Contact past buyers and ask them for a quick few lines of why the love your product or service. 

8.      SHOW TEASERS Create suspense by showing a small snippet of what's to come. Give them a date of when to expect it so they'll return back to your feed in anticipation.

Although the above list could truly be endless with possibilities, I’ve found that these are the top EIGHT important methods within the Value Strategy. If you follow these simple steps, you’ll notice a drastic difference in your social media. If this still feels like something you aren't fully comfortable with doing on your own OR lack the time to bring it to fruition, I would be more than happy to assist you with Social Media Management, since after all, we are the experts here!