>>  W H A T  W I L L  I  R E C E I V E  W I T H  C U S T O M  B R A N D I N G?

This is the key to having a cohesive strategy in order to target your ideal audience. It goes far beyond just a logo and website. I design all marketing material, stationery and social media components with a unique look that sets the tone for your overall brand.

>>  W H A T  I F  I  O N L Y  W A N T  A  L O G O  D E S I G N E D?

I truly stand behind the theory that a branding kit is the most crucial investment for your business. My most basic package offers a primary logo, one variation and a submark design to get you started. If you are on a budget, perhaps as a new business, I do offer a wide variety of pre-made solutions that can be fully customized in The Design Bar.

>>  C A N  I  R E A L L Y  S U B M I T  M Y  P R O J E C T  A N D  W O R K  F U L L Y  W I T H  M Y  D E S I G N E R  O N L I N E?

Yes, there are no geographic obstacles to working together, thanks to the Internet and telecommunications. Your requirements can be submitted by email or phone. Once we have agreed on your needs and vision, the provided information is used to create your designs. Intermediate design concepts and revisions are either private messaged to you via social media or e-mailed for your review, comments and approval. Once your design is completed, final files will be e-mailed to the address provided.

>>  D O  Y O U  O F F E R  P R I N T I N G?

No, I do not provide printing services directly. I can recommend reputable online and local printers at your request. Because my clients are located throughout the globe, it is far more expedient for proofing and more cost-effective and faster for shipping if you deal with a local printer. I can act as an intermediary with your printer, or simply provide you with the final files to take to your printer. Printing is typically not included in any of my project quotations.

>>  S H O U L D  I  J U S T  L O O K  F O R  T H E  B E S T  P R I C E?

With the advancement of easy-to-use, do-it-yourself graphics software, it is relatively simple for anyone to create a functional logo or adequate website. We all know someone who designs websites or creates graphics as a sideline. This also explains why there are so many poorly designed graphics out there; if someone has a decent camera, it does not necessarily make them a professional photographer.

It's not just about the price, it is also about originality in design and concept, content strategies, mastery of software and successful and on-time delivery to the specifications of your needs. Many who opt for the lowest price often discover they get what they pay for and their designs are re-sold or content is copied. So, hire a professional, be it ARROWcreative or someone else - it will save you time and money in the long run. 


>>  W H A T  I S  Y O U R  P R I C I N G  &  P A C K A G E  S T R U C T U R E?

Please refer to the ARROWcreative Media Kit for all package details and associated fees.

>>  H O W  D O E S  Y O U R  B R A N D I N G  P R O C E S S  W O R K?

I invite you to read my process guide to become aware of what to expect.

>>  W H A T  A R E  Y O U R  B I L L I N G  P O L I C I E S?

For branding projects, payments are broken up into two parts - the first half is due upon booking to hold your spot in queue, while the second half is expected after your last set of revisions and before any final files are e-mailed to you. For full branding solution (design + website,) I offer an extended plan with 4 payments due across the span of the project timeline to create an easier solution that works for your business.

As far as social media management and content creation, full pricing is due up front each month, unless a plan has been arranged for ongoing services.

We always invoice via PayPal and accept and prefer secure online payments using your credit card, debit card, or your bank account via PayPal.com. If you are in Canada, we also can arrange for an e-mail money transfer. We do not accept business cheques, personal cheques or money orders at anytime.

>>  D O  Y O U  H A V E  O F F I C E  H O U R S?

Business hours are between 9am and 6pm EST, Monday to Friday and 9am to 12pm on Saturday. This is implemented to respect both your time as well as my family's time. You may send e-mails at anytime, but all contact on my end will be made during studio hours. I do my best to respond promptly and response times are dependent upon my work load at that time. Over the course of a project together, times will also be made in advance for direct communication and updates.


If you have any additional questions, please e-mail me directly at hello@arrowcreative.com or fill out my contact form.