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I strive to create unique branding stories for each of my clients. Choosing to work with diverse businesses allows me to learn and explore a variety of industries in today's market. Part of what makes a great brand strategist is their ability to pick up on the nuances of different genres and create really great results that work out in the wild. I believe in taking the necessary time to research each industry properly and therefore, do not rush to complete any project. Each branding design process takes approximately 5 to 8 weeks, while full strategies (brand and web) typically take 3+ months. Social media content works on a monthly basis.  These timelines are all estimates as variables depend upon the individual project, level of revisions, and client timeliness. A precise schedule will be given to each customer after our initial consultation.

It is important to note that I do take on other ventures from time to time (weddings, t-shirt and packaging design, templates , copywriting, consultations, etc.) If you are searching for a job that is not listed in my media kit, I encourage you to contact me at anytime.