Leah is my longest client. I believe our relationship is going on 5 years strong. I have assisted in the launch and branding of Leah Maria Couture from the beginning, and I continually act as both a Virtual Assistant and Graphic Designer for Leah on a monthly basis. Not only do we conduct business together, but we have created an unbreakable bond on a friendship level. I was lucky enough to become a part of the famous Clickaway conference last year when I planned and executed Leah's booth before and during the duration of the event.
Each year, we like to freshen up the look of Leah Maria Couture and keep consistent with current trends. For 2017, Leah allowed me to have full control of the design. I updated her colour palette, logo, stationary and created a brand new website that was more functional for Leah's needs. Who would've thought lavender and copper would work so well together?! Such an unexpected pairing and that is what I adore about being a Brand Stylist!

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