1.  T H E  D E L I B E R A T I O N

This is where we get to know each other. You will have the opportunity to express your vision; the story behind your name, future goals and the overall feel you are seeking for your brand. A basic timeline will be noted and the development process will be explained . You are also welcome to ask any questions that may come to mind. If you are unsure of which package is best suited for your needs, I am more than happy to provide input on the available options.

2.  T H E  F R A M E W O R K

Here is where I will compose an agreement that will be sent to you via e-mail. Once acknowledged, a signature is required and the contract must be scanned and sent back. Make sure a copy is also saved for your records. Depending on the pre-arranged package choice, the first payment installment is made to secure your spot in the ARROWcreative queue.          * Please note this deposit is nonrefundable.

3.  T H E  P R E P A R A T I O N

The fun is about to begin! This portion consists of two steps. First, I will send you a link to my branding questionnaire. These answers will provide me with vital information to ensure we are on the same page prior to your start date. I also refer back to this questionnaire throughout your brand design process. Secondly, some research will needed on your part. You will compile either a Pinterest board or a folder of inspirational images, colour palettes, logo designs and font styles that appeal to you and the mood you are seeking for your brand.   


4.  T H E  S T R A T E G Y

The branding process has officially begun. I will carefully review your information and images, then select an appropriate direction for your company. The tone or mood is set by creating an inspiration board that includes a colour palette, along with corresponding photographs, patterns and fonts. Within 7-10 business days of your predetermined start date, you will receive your first deliverable, allowing you the chance to review and request any changes you see fit (up to 2 revisions in total).

5.  T H E  C R E A T I O N

We have reached the most exciting step! The tone for your brand has been established through your finalized style board and the logo conception is about to begin. This process normally takes up to 14 business days and you will be sent 2-3 different design ideas to examine and reflect on. 2 revisions are permitted during this phase.

6.  T H E  D E L I V E R Y

A happy dance is in store. Now has come the time to compile all elements of your new board. You will be presented with your new logo, submark, logo variation and social media icons that will accompany the existing items already agreed upon (colors, fonts and patterns.) At this time, if you have selected a package that includes print material or social branding, these designs will also be provided to you for review. Final payment is due with your request for revisions. Upon your last approval, I will combine your files into a folder and send to you via e-mail. Please note that I keep all branding items on file for one year.